Chemical Business

Targeting on niche field of business We offer a close and detailed service to our customers with our firm foothold in East Asia.

Targeting on niche field of business

Since the foundation of our company in 1946, we have been building our operations to gain more satisfaction and confidence from our customers by injecting and cultivating deeply into specialty products utilizing our close relationship with our domestic customers built through during the long history of our operations.

We offer close and detailed service to our customers by providing capable specialists in each key area, from the starting point of product design, processing, and achieving quality and competitive cost reduction.

Our "Focus Field"

Organic Intermediates

Organic Intermediates

Recently production areas for organic intermediates such as intermediates for electronics, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural intermediates, Dyestuff and Pigment intermediates and intermediates for functional polymers are quickly diversified and globalized. Under such circumstances, it is ever more important for us to meet the needs of our customers on the basis of quality, constant and continuous supply and competitive cost through our overseas network, mainly China and India.

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemical

We are concentrating our strength lately in water treatment chemical material area. Based on our long experience and knowledge we respond to the needs of our customers to the fullest extent, contributing to the creation of safe and sound environmental preservation of the earth. In the fields of polymer additives on rubber, plastic and paints we try to meet the specialized and diversified needs of our customers swiftly by leveraging our domestic and overseas network.

Household Chemicals

Household Chemical

We offer various raw materials for soap, detergent, shampoo, rinse and cosmetics for consumer use including various surfactants, fat materials, oil chemical materials, inorganic materials, anti-biotic materials and fragrance materials to meet the individual requirements of our customers with the support of the expertise and knowledge of our experienced specialists.

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Okahata Group Network in East Asia (Japan, China and Korea)

Meeting with the strong current of globalization, our activities have expanded into East Asia in order to meet the changing demands of our customers. We are offering various services such as raw material sourcing in East Asian countries, OEM production in our own factory in China for Japanese and East Asia-based Japanese operations.

Sourcing Capability Business operations in Japan, China and Korea

  • Okahata & Co. Ltd in Japan
  • Okahata Shanghai in China
  • Okahata Korea in Korea

OEM & Product analysis Capability

  • Chemtec Chemical in China

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Major Products

Intermediates area Electronics, Functional polymer
Pharmaceutical and Agricultural, Dyestuff and Pigment
Specialty Chemical area Various Water Treatment chemical materials
Additives for polymer, Additives for polymerization, SFS
Biocide from THOR
Household Chemical area Various Surfactants, Zeorite, Raw material for softener
Raw material for cosmetics
Fluorine resin coating material Xyline and Resilon from Whiteford
Feed additive for horses Supplement for racehorse from Ranvet
Others Sodium Glucoheptonate Dihydrate, Thiurea, etc.

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