Corporate History

2016 January Norihiro Okahata became Representative Director & President.
2014February Norihiro Okahata became Vice President.
2013June Name of Management Support Group changed to Management Support Division.
2012February Seiki Okahata became the chairman of the Board and Shuhei Kitai became the President of the company.
2010July Kisen Terminal Co., Ltd. unified Okahata Chemicals Co., Ltd.
2010January Two business groups become independent as Companies within the Company.
2009January Name of Chemtec International changed to Okahata(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
2008April Established Starport Japan Co., Ltd.
2007December Moved Chemtec International to Shanghai.
2006November Chemtec Chemical Co., Ltd. started production.
2005July Established Chemtec Chemical (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. at Jiangsu Province, China.
2003January Established Okahata Hong Kong & Co., Ltd. at Hong Kong.
2002March Issued corporate bonds (2000 million yen).
2002February Capital was increased to 99.36 million yen.
2001October Capital was increased to 86.4 million yen.
2001July Established Okahata Korea & Co., Ltd. at Seoul, Korea.
2001March Shanghai Office was reorganized to Chemtec International.
1997April Moved Tokyo Branch to the present Shinkawa Iwade Bldg. at 1-chome, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1997January Taichung Branch was separated and made independent as Taiwan Okahata & Co., Ltd..
1996August Nagoya Branch was separated and made independent as Okahata Tokai Co., Ltd..
1996February Okahata Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established handling plastic packaging products separated from Okahata & co., Ltd..
1996January Okahata Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established handling textile dyestuff chemicals separated from Okahata & Co., Ltd..
1994July Opened Taichung Branch by moving Taipei Office to Taichung, Taiwan.
1993February Opened Shanghai Office at Shanghai, China.
1986November Opened Taipei Office at Nan Jing Tung Road, Taipei, Taiwan.
1981March Keigo Okahata became the chairman of the Board and Seiki Okahata was inaugurated as the President of the company.
1974March Osaka Office was promoted to Osaka Branch.
1964October Built Osaka Office at 5-6, Shimanouchi, 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
1963December Name of the company changed to Okahata & Co., Ltd.
1962June Opened Tokyo Liaison Office at Yarai-machi, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo.
1952January Opened Osaka Liaison Office at 2 chome, Hiranomachi, Higashi-ku, (present Chuo-ku), Osaka.
1951January Established Okahata Shoten Co., Ltd. with 1 million yen capital.
1946January Keigo Okahata founded the business as Okahata Shoten in Wakayama city.

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