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Okahata(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

Supporting raw material sourcing for our factory in China

Okahata Shanghai

Our main businesses are:
1)Raw material sourcing for chemical products for Japanese market.
2)Sales of chemical raw materials for China domestic market.

1)Raw material sourcing for chemical products for Japanese market
This has been our core business since we opened our China Office in ‘90s.

In order to select and secure the best quality products for our Japanese customers, we aggressively investigate and research Chinese suppliers, monitor production and management, and provide them with proper advice on quality development and control in chemical production factories. These efforts ensure our ability to properly select and secure Chinese suppliers who can produce and deliver quality products to our Japanese customers on a constant and continuous basis.

At the same time, taking full advantage of our experience, technical know-how and relationships in the chemical production market in China, we are highly valued by our Japanese customers as we carry out raw material production planning and joint development systems with leading Chinese factories for high technology product areas such as intermediates for electronics and waste water treatment in addition to the quality assurance programs we offer from our own factory in China fully utilizing the research and development system.

2)Sales of chemical raw materials for China domestic market
Fully utilizing our accumulated experience in sourcing in China, we sell chemical raw materials to the factories of Japanese origin in China.

We have Japanese professionals stationed in Shanghai to provide close and detailed service to our customers. We can also contribute to our Japanese customers in China by offering our support in material localization as well as competitive costing. We have the capability to arrange and supply raw materials of Chinese origin for all kinds of products from popular volume products to niche goods.

Any customers who are thinking of positive and effective application of Chinese raw materials or those needing advice or consultation regarding local supply of raw materials are welcome to contact us. We also have the capability to import raw materials from overseas even with items that are not listed here.
Nama of the Company Okahata (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd
Chairman Shuhei Kitai
President Shuhei Kitai
Japanese staff Mikio Tomisaka
Address Room D543, Shanghai Jiahua Business Center, No.808, Hongqiao road, Xuhui dist, Shanghai, China 200030
+86-21-6448-0768, 0210, 0520

Major Products

Organic synthesis intermediates
  • Dyestuff pigment intermediates
  • Heat and pressure sensitive dyestuff intermediates
  • Pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates
  • Intermediates for electronics material
  • Intermediates for functional polymers
Specialty chemical
  • Additives
  • Formulated products and functional polymers
  • Paper and pulp water treatment chemicals
  • Cosmetic and fragrance materials

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