Corporate Philosophy

Management Vision

To offer "Platinum Service",
aiming at gaining absolute confidence and trust from customers.

The Company's Precept

Our constitution is Honesty. Always be honest on everything.

Management Philosophy

To contribute to the growth and prosperity of society and to seek the happiness of the employees.
Never to gamble and to continue new challenge by reading the coming changes concentrating in the specialty business.

Basic Management Policies

  • By offering high quality services to our customers, we can secure a profit.
  • By securing reasonable profit and continuing healthy investments, the prosperity and growth of our company can be continued.
  • The prosperity of the company is the source of employees' happiness. A company, which cannot generate a reasonable profit is not worth existing.
  • Through positive participation in business activities, each employee can grow to realize his/her goals.
  • Be a good, respectable citizen, always vibrant and positive, contributing to the growth and prosperity of society and be respected.
  • Differentiation can be realized through evaluation, planning and foresight. Information can generate these capabilities.
  • Information always shared by the employees becomes live and valuable.
  • Action is most valuable. Thoughts and knowledge without action are useless.
  • All employees stand equal. Reach conclusion through free and through discussions without worrying about the consequences and act in one direction once conclusion is reached.

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