Message from C.E.O.

We start a new chapter in our history to make the next leap forward, with dynamic growth in Asia and customer confidence as the driving force.

The history of Okahata & Co., Ltd. dates back to 1946 when founder Keigo Okahata started business as a dye wholesaler in Wakayama City. Since then, we have developed strong roots in the East Asia region, with long-established sales and production bases in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

In 2016, which marks our 70th anniversary in business, we will launch a new structure as a specialized trading company focusing on the entire Asian market, based on our long-accumulated experience and achievements. In the coming Phase 3, we are determined to make strenuous efforts to achieve further growth, with our eyes set on Southeast Asia, India and Bangladesh, while bolstering our business foundation in Japan and East Asia.

Encouraged by the solid trust of our customers, together with them we will continue to strive for further growth in the chemical and footwear business at home and abroad.

With “Platinum Service” and “Agility” as our keywords, we at Okahata are intent on moving forward with integrity as a unique specialized trading company, in order to meet our customers’ higher requirements. We ask for your continued support and guidance in this endeavor.

Norihiro Okahata Representative Director & President Okahata & Co., Ltd.

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