Okahata Seifu Foundation

Supporting students from East Asian countries, especially from China Okahata Seifu Scholarship Fund (Osaka International Exchange Center Foundation)

The core of Okahata’s business both in chemicals and footwear is Japan but very closely related and intertwined with China, Korea, Taiwan and other East Asian countries. These countries are nearby neighbors but past historical experiences have created rather unfavorable impression of Japan in these countries. Similar to the Fulbright Scholarship Fund for Japanese students for studying in USA, we hope to encourage a more positive view and understanding of present Japan through the granting of scholarships to students from these countries to Japan.. With the help and advice of the Osaka International Exchange Center, the Seifu Scholarship Fund was established in August 2007.

Any students from these countries studying in the Kansai area of Japan can apply for the Seifu Scholarship. It is granted for 4 continuous years of university study period.
We firmly believe that the grantees in future will become the bridges between their home country and Japan regardless of the professional areas they join.