Total Safety Management

The most important issue for 21st century for the earth is the preservation of the total earth environment.
Our company has decided the following policies to contribute to the solution of this earth level issues and hereby declares that all staffs shall observe and follow these polichies.

Policy on the environment

The fundamental objective of our company is to contribute to the prosperity and welfare of society and the employees through the corporate activities. In accordance with this corporate philosophy, all the staffs realize the importance of their contribution to the preservation of earth environment as a specialist trading company on chemical products and do the best to contribute to the preservation. At the same time, strictly following the environmental laws and regulations, all the staffs co-operate positively toward recycling, energy preservation and natural resources preservation activities.

Safety management policy on handling of chemicals

In handling the chemicals, all the staffs abide by the rules and regulations.
In July, 2006, Total Safety Management Team was newly organized to thoroughly enforce company policy on safety management by offering information and education to the employees on relative laws and regulations.

Policy on the enforcement of the declaration

Our company shall educate thoroughly and make everybody fully aware of this declaration on total safety management as the common issue for all the management staffs and employees.

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