Privacy Policy

Okahata & Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. Under the following policy, all officers and employees of The Company altogether carryout the proper protection of personal information.

Issued January 1, 2011
Okahata & Co., Ltd.
Representative Director & President
Norihiro Okahata

Collection of Personal Information

The Company shall collect and maintain personal information within the necessary limit in accordance with the precise usage of such information set forth in advance strictly on lawful and fair basis.

Usage of Personal Information

The Company shall use such collected personal information only within the limit of usage set forth in advance for the purpose of carrying out the business.
The Company shall not disclose such personal information to the third party without obtaining prior agreement except for legal use.

Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall take all necessary security measures to maintain and protect the proper and accurate information and shall protect them from unlawful use, leakage, manipulation, loss, destruction and so forth.

System of Protection

The Company shall take all necessary measures to protect Personal Information properly.
The Company shall thoroughly make sure that all officers and employees will handle such information properly and strictly on daily business basis accordingly.

Observation of Laws and Regulations

The Company shall properly observe all laws and regulations related to Personal Information.

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